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Love in a Major Minor
19 Jun - 23 Jun 2024
Opening Night
22 June 2024 - 6 PM
Desley Taylor & Rachel Flannery
Matthew Grayson
Emerging artist

A night of story, song & art

"Love in a Major Minor", performed by Desley Taylor & Rachel Flannery, is an evocative anthem that delves into the profound narrative of solitude, affection, heartache, and renewal experienced by an older woman. The composition encapsulates the universal journey of feminine identity, exploring diverse relationships that have shaped her existence. Despite traversing significant chapters in her life, she finds herself confronting prolonged isolation, yearning for another chance at love and meaningful companionship.

Interwoven with poignant spoken-word poetry and dialogues, this production narrates the resilience required to navigate life's adversities and the process of self-reinvention, often undertaken multiple times. Complementing the performance, an art exhibition of the same title, curated by Matthew Grayson, will provide a visual extension of the thematic exploration.

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