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Project's Management Committee

Amazing volunteers

Project Gallery is run by a group of amazing volunteers who give their time to make exhibitions come to life. We welcome newcomers to our Committee - please get in touch if you'd like to join us and keep Project's vision alive.

Committee Enquiries
Mariam Chanoui

Vice President
Deniz Balabay

Ken Finlayson

Alison K Lawther-Burke

President Assistant
Matthew Grayson
Bookings Officer
Ken Finlayson
Installations Supervisor
Ken Finlayson &
Deniz Balabay
Member Show Supervisor
Mariam Chanoui &
Deniz Balabay
Membership Officer
Membership Committee
Marketing &
Social Media
Matthew Grayson
School Exhibition & Volunteer Officer
Karen Mors
Social Media &
Event Manager
Eren Maltby
Website Manager
Craig Rogers
Internship Supervisor
Deniz Balabay,
Mariam Chanaoui & Matthew Grayson
Committee Member
Emily Cox
Committee Member
Nikki Bowdler
Committee Member
Angus Brooks
Committee Member
Monisha Kumar
Committee Member
Anita Mulrooney
Committee Member
Mark Richards
Committee Member
Enuka Paulo
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