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Presidents Choice Award Winner: Kyle Montgomery

Presidents Choice Award Winner: Kyle Montgomery

Posted: Saturday June 08, 2024

The Project Committee are please to announce Kyle Montgomery has won the 2024 Pride Art Festival Presidents Choice Award for his artwork 'I Am Light' with subject Sayeid, a disabled Palestinian man, which will be featured on the Project website for a month.

Kyle's art practice: I am an adaptive artist as my quadriplegia affects the use of my hands. I always work with brush and acrylics as I am unable to create pressure to draw or illustrate. I use an adaptive tool, and I use various brushes to help make up for my limitations. My favourite subject matter is people, in particular, nude portrait work. This comes from a fascination of anatomy, sexuality and the roles our vessels play, especially disabled ones.

You can find more of Kyle on Instagram at @dream.6ig.

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